The Best New Trailers This Week! (30 March-5 April)

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Film production companies have gave us miners, spies and Mad Max this week. But how do this weeks new trailers rank amongst each other? In this post, I will list my 5 favourite movie trailers from the past 7 days and give a little reason why I like them (No. 1= Favourite). So, Which one is the best?

1. Spy (Trailer #2) - I think that this another effective trailer for a movie that has a lot of potential. The trailer introduces some new gags as well as sticking with ones used in the previous trailer. There doesn't seem to be much more story development but I think that was made very clear in trailer 1. Spy is currently holding a 100% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes based on 12 reviews which gives me confidence that this is going to be a solid film. The biggest question is - will it be up there with Bridesmaids and The Heat? 

2. The Gift (Trailer #1) - This looks really interesting! This type of film has been done to death recently and generally not very well (see The Boy Next Door) - However, from this trailer I believe that this has the potential to do right what The Boy Next Door did wrong. The trailer itself seems a bit slow which hopefully doesn't reflect the actual film - I also hope that there will be a big twist. It is unusual for Jason Bateman to do a psychological thriller so maybe he can be like Wan and Swift who were able to switch genres so well and successfully. 

 3. Mad Max: Fury Road (Trailer #2) - I have never seen the original Mad Max films but the more I see of this film, the more excited I get. This looks really intriguing. It will either be really good or really bad. I like the villain in this as they seem to have the potential to be fearsome. However, when seeing Furious 7, I saw a 6 minute preview of this and I was very disappointed as it seemed to be shot weirdly and was very slow and unexciting - hopefully the film won't be like this. Speaking of trailer 2 though, this gets a thumbs up from me!

4. Poltergeist (Trailer #2) - I wasn't overly impressed by the first trailer for this. However, I think this fits perfectly into today's horror genre. The story seems to be done to death (see Insidious) but that may just be simply due to the fact that this is a remake - what is the need to remake this anyway? However, I did genuinely feel scared from watching this trailer so it is effective - I hope the rest of the film will be the same!

5. The 33 (Trailer #1) - The battle for 5th place was quite fierce this week - however, I believe The 33 deserves a spot. I remember this story being in the news so it is quite nice to see a news story that I was engaged with transformed into a movie. The film may be an awards contender this year and I think it has the potential to be fantastic. 

Other contenders for 5th place: Masterminds & Survivor. 

Disappointing trailers: The D Train, Straight Outta Compton 

What do you think of these films? Which ones will you see? What trailers did I miss that you loved? - COMMENT BELOW

See You Soon!

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