UK Box Office April 17-19: FURIOUS 7 3peats, CHILD 44 & A LITTLE CHAOS are Weak Competition

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Furious 7 held on to the top spot for a third week in a row with around $4.5 million. Child 44 opened in 4th place with $761K.

Other openers within the top 10 include A Little Chaos which bombed with $499K.

Here is a visual diagram of what this weeks top 10 looks like:

The top 10 made a weak $11.26 million this weekend which is down 66% on last weekend and is also down 41% on the same time frame last year. However, this time last year was the release of The Amazing Spiderman 2 and this time this year, there were no 'blockbuster' openers.

Falling a steady 43%, Furious 7 held on to the top spot for a third week in a row with $4.58 million. This brings the films new total to $48.2 million in the UK - it will soon eclipse 50 Shades of Grey's $51 million to become the biggest film of 2015 in the UK so far. The success of Furious 7 hasn't slowed down overseas either as the film has officially passed $1 billion and is currently the 6th biggest film of all time. With tough competition from the Avengers sequel next week, Furious 7 is likely to close with around $55 million by the end of its run. Furious 8 was also confirmed for 2017 this week - will it be able to beat or meet this box office numbers?

Sticking at number 2 for a third week is Cinderella. The film took in $1.63 million which is down 38% on last weekend. This is another impressive hold for the film. Cinderella has currently made $26.2 million in the UK and may end up closing near to Maleficent's $32 million despite opening much lower - Cinderella has legs!

In third place and still not moving is Home. In its 5th week of release, the film is still in the top 3 and took in $1.29 million. This is down 44% which is another steady drop. The film has took in $30.4 million in the UK and has surpassed Big Hero 6 to become the biggest animated film in the country of the year so far. Home will close with around or just above $35 million - an impressive number for Dreamworks.

Opening in 4th is Child 44. The film sold itself to be Oscar bait - however, once released, the reviews were very sour. The film opened to $761K which is extremely disappointing for a top 5 number. Expect Child 44 to drop off fast from here as reviews and word of mouth are poor - $2-4 million looks like a reasonable closing point.

Climbing two spots this week is Woman in Gold. The film had a lukewarm start last week but with the help from it expanding to a few more locations, the film was able to drop just 24% - the strongest hold on the chart. The film took in $560K this weekend which brings its new total to $1.99 million. It will likely surpass my $2.5 million target from last week, I predict that this will close with $3-6 million.

In its 4th week of release, The Spongebob Movie: Sponge Out of Water drops a steady 43% to number 6. The film took in $550K this weekend, bringing its new total to $10.9 million. The film has now surpassed the original films closing number and can be classed as a UK success for Paramount. Spongebob could go on to earn $12-13.5 million.

The poorest debut this week came from A Little Chaos. The film opened to 426 locations which is very wide in the UK - this $499K debut is terrible. Expect the film to drop off quick from here - $2 million seems a little unreachable to me.

Falling a steep 63% to number 8 this week is The Duff. However, like I said last week, last weeks number for this film was including week data - if it wasn't, this drop would be a lot more steady. The film took in $490K which is still very impressive for such little promotion. The film has now made $2.3 million in the UK and may go on to earn just under $5 million.

Falling a steady 41% to number 9 is John Wick. The critically acclaimed thriller deserves to be outperforming Child 44 - however, it took in $468K this weekend which brings its new total to $1.8 million. John Wick should close with around $3 million.

Rounding out the top 10 is the film that nobody asked for but is somehow making money - Paul Blart: Mall-Cop 2. The film fell a surprisingly steady 39% this weekend and took in $436K. The film has now made $1.6 million in the UK and it will definitely not reach the first films $7 million. I'll be happy to see this fall off soon.

This may have been a quiet weekend but look out for AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON this weekend!

DVD Sales: NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM 3 opens at number 1. 

See You Soon!

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