The Best New Trailer This Week! - Hot Pursuit

4:27 PM

For some reason, very few new trailers were released this week - however, even if millions were released, HOT PURSUIT's latest would have topped the list anyway! Instead of skipping this post, we've decided to dedicate it to Hot Pursuit - one of this summers films that we are really looking forward to! I have really high hopes for this film as Witherspoon has been on a roll with her performances recently so surely she'll be able to show us that she still has her comedic side? (see Legally Blonde). This film looks very similar to 'The Heat' which I also really enjoyed. The trailer is one of the only ones for an upcoming 2015 comedy film to make me laugh - I have really high hopes! I also like the use of music in the trailer - Jessie J's 'Bang Bang' is edited in brilliantly! Witherspoon and Vergara are real life friends so their chemistry film in this film should be good and believable - I think they really had fun making this film and are proud of it. 
Hot Pursuit Opens May 8th in the US and July 31st in the UK. 

Honourable Mention - I was actually really impressed with the Sinister 2 trailer. I'm planning on watching the first Sinister this week so a review will be up soon!

Are you excited for HOT PURSUIT? What trailers did you like that I missed? - Comment Below!

Planned for this week! Horrible Bosses 2 Review! Sinister Review! The UK Box Office! A Cinema Release Review (Haven't decided what I'm going to go see this week - any suggestions?)! The Hottest Trailers (Hopefully there will be more than this week)! 

See You Soon!

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