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Directed by Judd Apatow (Knocked Up, This is 40) and starring Amy Schumer (Inside Amy Schumer), Bill Hader (Inside Out, Superbad) and Brie Larson (21 Jump Street, The Spectacular Now), Trainwreck is Schumer's feature length debut. "Having thought that monogamy was never possible, a commitment-phobic career woman may have to face her fears when she meets a good guy". The title of this film is fitting for negative reviews and puns - will it be a trainwreck or will it stay on the rails?

Trainwreck is a really enjoyable movie - it is funny from start to finish and truly is an excellent comedy movie. I don't usually enjoy standard rom-coms but I really did enjoy this - it was very cliche but it was also much more realistic than usual - not many things were sugarcoated. Amy Schumer has successfully broke out onto the big screen and is definitely a future comedy star in films (I know she has her successful TV series) and could possibly star in the next McCarthy/Feig team up after Ghostbusters in 2016. 

This is the first film on this site that I will be reviewing using the WALLS system.

I think that this film is very watchable and enjoying to watch. However I believe that Trainwreck's biggest fault is that it is a little overlong - the movie is around 2 hours in length. I had a similar problem with Apatow's inferior 'This is 40' which wasn't enjoyable which made it even worse when it had such a long running time. However, Trainwreck probably finished at just about the right time before audiences would be preying for it to end. Trainwreck is definitely worth a watch though and I believe that it will be very rewatchable as it is jam packed full of jokes that ones you missed the first time, may be spotted on the second or third viewing. 

I also really liked the acting in the film - I thought that Amy Schumer did an absolutely fantastic job! She managed to show humour and emotion. I actually believe that if she is lucky, Schumer could be an awards contender - the Oscars maybe not but she may get a nod for a Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Comedy or Musical. Schumer was also the main reason for why the film is so likeable and funny - she is just great. The rest of the cast also put on solid performances - Bill Hader is a great love interest and breaks stereotypes - he is also quite likeable. I also really liked Brie Larson's performance in this movie as she was the complete opposite to Amy - I thought this contrast was really effective and it helped that both actresses were very good. The cast also had many supporting members who were all very good - there isn't anybody that stands out for putting on a bad performance. 

Like I've mentioned above, Trainwreck is an extremely likeable movie - from the characters to the humour - there is nothing I hated. I liked how the film was more of a realistic rom-com even though it was still filled with the typical conventions and cliches. I think the film's score also helped to make it very likeable - the songs had quite an upbeat tone and were very fitting. Trainwreck definitely ticks all the boxes for a good comedy movie - not all the funny parts are shown in the trailer and it maintains the comedic elements throughout. The film also doesn't overuse the same jokes which is always a good thing. 

There wasn't really anything special about the film's overall camera choices. However, for the opening scene which is kind of like the prologue - a camera effect is used to make the scene look vintage - I thought this worked very well and helped to establish that this scene took place in the past. Even though Trainwreck isn't unique when it comes to cinematography, that doesn't mean that it was ugly to look at - I thought it had production value and felt like it belonged on the big screen which it risked not as Schumer is such a big TV star. 

I really really liked the story for the film - I'm not a huge rom-com lover and the only one that is up there with my favourite movies ever is Friends With Benefits - Trainwreck is similar in some ways. Both movies are aware of how stereotypical they are but also have unique elements. The unique element for Trainwreck is that there is kind of a role reversal and that the story is a lot less sugarcoated. SPOILER - ok, there is a happy ending but that doesn't mean that everything else will be happy. Trainwreck is probably the most realistic rom-com I have ever watched - work, family, social and love life are all looked at in detail. I thought it was refreshing to see a role reversal and that is probably what will make Trainwreck memorable. My favourite scene in the movie (even though its the last, it doesn't mean nothing else was good) was the end sequence - I thought this was very topical with all the types of videos that are going viral and I also thought it was extremely hilarious - it was one of the moments where I couldn't stop myself from laughing. 

Trainwreck is definitely not a trainwreck - it is on the rails to a successful destination. Trainwreck will be a breath of fresh air to rom-com lovers who are used to seeing women desperate to find a man. Trainwreck also has emotional depth as well as comedic elements - this gives Amy Schumer the opportunity to shine very brightly and could land her a few awards nods. Despite being overlong and a little bit cliche and generic (especially when it comes to camera choices), Trainwreck is still one of the best comedies of the year. 


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