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We Are Your Friends is directed by Max Joseph (Catfish: The TV Show) and stars Zac Efron (17 Again, The Lucky One), Wes Bentley (The Hunger Games, American Beauty) and Emily Ratajkowski (Gone Girl, Blurred Lines). "Caught between a forbidden romance and the expectations of his friends, aspiring DJ Cole Carter attempts to find the path in life that leads to fame and fortune". We Are Your Friends has performed dismally so far at the US box office - is it being avoided because it is trash or do people need to give it a chance?
Like most people, after watching the trailers for the film, I didn't see much point in seeing it as every major plot point seemed to be given away - and I wasn't wrong. However, I'm not going to let the awful marketing strategy effect my view on the film - We Are Your Friends was a really enjoyable film that deserves a lot more recognition and appreciation than it is getting. The film is well acted and is really enjoyable to watch. Of course it has its flaws but it takes a great film to have none. I would happily accept this films friend request. 

We Are Your Friends is really enjoyable to watch and has a very suitable running time - the film is around 90 minutes long which means it isn't dull and I wasn't bored at any time. I actually think this is actually re-watchable to - due to how it focuses on music and everyday noises, there may be certain sounds you didn't catch on to the first time but would in later viewings. We Are Your Friends is very similar to Paper Towns with the fact that it is a feel good coming of age story and may become a cult classic. 

Besides how enjoyable the film is to watch, the best thing We Are Your Friends has going for it is its fantastic performances from all of its stars. Zac Efron is as charming and magnetic as ever in this film and really proves he could follow in the footsteps of Leonardo DiCaprio. I feel that Efron is one of them truly talented actors that never really gets the appreciation or the spotlight that they deserve. Wes Bentley is also good in the film but I was extremely impressed with Emily Ratajkowski - even though I've seen her in Gone Girl, this is the first film where she has made an impression on me. I thought she kept up with the other experienced cast members well. Expect Emily to be a love interest in many future rom-coms. The rest of the cast were also very good and no one put on a bad performance. 

Ok, so this is where the film starts to become a little weaker. Like I've said before, We Are Your Friends is extremely likeable and enjoyable to watch so it gets merit for that. However, when looking at the IMDB page, the film is meant to be a drama/music/romance - yes it fits into the drama and music genre but I just didn't really feel that the romance had much to it - it wasn't developed very well and became a very subtle theme. I actually found the film quite humorous which is quite worrying as it is not labelled as a comedy - this makes me doubt whether it fits into the drama genre as those types of films usually take themselves quite seriously. If someone was to ask me what genre the film is, I wouldn't have an answer - it doesn't really fit in. 

We Are Your Friends is one of the most artistic films released this summer and in terms of originality in looks, it is that too! This film kind of reminded me of a male Spring Breakers mixed with a DJ version of Magic Mike. Now, I love small and artistic films but some of these choices just didn't wow me - there was a scene where Cole (Efron) is high so everything becomes cartoon - this was cool but it was just extremely random compared to the tone set by the rest of the film. However, looking back, these kind of choices are what I will remember about the film - We Are Your Friends also has a cool X-Ray scene. The film is beautifully shot and like Aloha with Hawaii, it really brings the best out of the suburbs of Hollywood. 

We Are Your Friends does have a very cliche story and before watching it, you will know what the end scene will be (similarly to Southpaw). However, I think it is a film that speaks to the youth of today who aspire to be in the entertainment industry. We Are Your Friends also slipped up in the same area as Southpaw and that is that it didn't have a clear story - you were just watching Cole - there was no clear end goal. I also didn't like how the film tried to turn DJing into a magnificent magical art - yes, it is a great talent to have but the film tried to go all scientific and attempted to amaze viewers at the art of DJing. Besides being cliche, predictable and OTT, We Are Your Friends is a feel good, inspirational film filled with great characters.

We Are Your Friends truly does give out summer vibes - Zac Efron shines and is supported well by the rest of the cast. The story is cliche and predictable and some artistic choices don't fit with the rest of the film but these can mostly be forgiven due to how likeable and enjoyable this film is to watch. The soundtrack is great and despite not really fitting into a genre, We Are Your Friends is a film you should go and see.


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