UK Box Office August 7-9: FANTASTIC FOUR opens Poorly & THE GIFT isn't Opened on Quiet Weekend

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Matching its terrible US debut, Fantastic Four also did not-so-fantastic business in the UK. The film took in a lacklustre $4.18 million which is extremely low for a Marvel film. This is also only marginally above the famous DC bomb 'The Green Lantern' - I guess Marvel have their own version now. However, the low debut didn't stop the film from taking the top spot. Also opening in the top five was The Gift which took in a slightly disappointing $910,000 - it should have at least cracked the $1 million mark.

No other films debuted in the top 10. However, Amy did re-enter with $150,000 at number 10.

Here is the top 10:
1. Fantastic Four - $4.18 million - Week 1 - NEW - Total: $4.18 million
2. Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation - $3.75 million - Week 2 - Down 55% - Total: $17.21 million
3. Inside Out - $3.05 million - Week 3 - Down 45% - Total: $35.53 million
4. Southpaw - $1.24 million - Week 3 - Down 30% - Total: $8.96 million
5. The Gift - $910,580 - Week 1 - NEW - Total: $910,580
6. AntMan - $880,739 - Week 4 - Down 50% - Total: $22.47 million
7. Minions - $804,173 - Week 7 - Down 49% - Total: $65.12 million
8. Empire Strikes Back - $407,738 - Week 10 - Down 12% - Total: $5.85 million
9. Jurassic World - $277,965 - Week 9 - Down 61% - Total: $98.65 million
10. Amy - $149,145 - Week 6 - RE-ENTRY - Total: $5.06 million

The top 10 made $15.65 million this week which is down 27% on last weekend and is also down 56.5% on the same time frame last year which saw the huge opening from The Inbetweeners 2 (my least favourite film of last year). This weekend is obviously popular for trashy films as another one topped the UK box office this weekend...

Fantastic Four managed to take the box office crown with a very small $4.18 million. This number probably wouldn't be disappointing for a comedy or a low budget film but for a film with a $122 million budget, this is awful! I think Marvel may be withdrawing the sequel for 2017. Fantastic Four was rejected by bother critics (9% approval rating) and audiences (25% approval rating). Fantastic Four only opened marginally above the famous DC flop 'The Green Lantern' - maybe in a few years time, the studio will have another shot at it? I don't know whether audiences will ever be able to trust this superhero team after so many disappointments. Fantastic Four will probably not hold very well and will close with around $10-15 million.

Also not fairing very well this weekend was Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation which saw a steep 55% drop. The film took in $3.75 million. This drop is traditional for popcorn flicks but the Mission Impossible franchise have been known for holding very well. Also, the film is critically acclaimed which usually suggests that it would have strong holds - maybe word of mouth hasn't been so strong? I would expect Mission Impossible to hold well from here on and has a shot as closing with around $30 million.

Dropping a much lighter 45% than last week was Inside Out. The critically acclaimed animation took in $3.05 million and held much better than last weekend. Inside Out will probably continue to have strong holds for the next 3 weeks and maybe more as there is no animation competition until Hotel Transylvania 2. Inside Out has currently made $35.53 million and could be on track to close with $43-50 million.

Holding extremely well for a 3rd week was Southpaw. The film took in $1.24 million which is fantastic for the type of movie that it is. The film has received mixed reviews but very strong word of mouth. Southpaw has currently made just under $9 million in the UK and is probably on track to close with around $12-15 million.

Rounding out the top 5 is 'The Gift' which is a critically acclaimed thriller starring Jason Bateman. The film took in $910,000 which is a little disappointing - however, I am assuming that the film had a limited release (not completely wide but not completely limited) which could explain why it had such a small opening. The film should hold up well until Sinister 2 is released and the strong word of mouth should keep it holding well to. The Gift could close with around $4-5 million if it holds strongly.

6. AntMan - another solid drop for the Marvel wild card. Prediction: $30 million.

7. Minions - another solid drop for the animated flick. Prediction: $70 million.

8. Empire Strikes Back - this may be in the top 10 for the rest of the month - Secret Cinema has been a success! Prediction: $7 million.

9. Jurassic World - in its 9th week in release, the film sees a steep drop. Prediction: $100 million.

10. Amy - Back in the top 10, the critically acclaimed documentary does solid business. Prediction: $5.2-5.5 million.

Source: Rentrak

Look out for  TRAINWRECK next weekend!

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  1. Marvel bomb "green lantern" ha ok go to google and search green lantern and you know were the character come from.