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So I don't usually do these kinds of posts but I'm going to Florida for around 2 weeks on Monday (17th August) which means I won't be as active on here for around that time period. I tried really hard this past week to review a few of the major UK releases - Pixels, The Gift and Trainwreck. I will be catching a film when I'm in America as its kind of a tradition and I'll probably watch a film on the plane - so these next two weeks may not be that quiet. I will also continue with the box office reports. I thought, to make my readers aware and get me even more excited, I would do the 'Disney World Tag' AND the 'Disney Tag' as I am a HUGE Disney fan! So here goes...
The Disney World Tag

1- First time you went to Disney World?
I actually don't have an exact answer for this - Disney World was the 'go-to' holiday destination when I was growing up so I have been many times. All I can say is that I have been to Florida whilst inside my Mum and then I went again shortly after I was born. I do remember my Mum telling me the story that my family went on a trip to DisneyLand Paris shortly after I was born and I cried the whole time - oops!

2- Favourite park?
This question is actually really hard but I would definitely rule out Epcot as I'm not a huge fan of that park as I just feel it lacks the Disney magic. If you asked me a few years ago, I would have said Animal Kingdom as I loved animals and Expedition Everest is my favourite Disney ride. I just think Animal Kingdom is a really nice day out - there isn't too many attractions which means you're less rushed. However, asking me now when my love of films has truly developed, I would have to say Hollywood Studios - I actually appreciate that it is a working studio and that is where Lilo & Stitch and Brother Bear were made! I also love the rides there like the Tower of Terror and the RockNRoller Coaster. What is selling me even more on Hollywood Studios is that it is currently Frozen Summer Fun and I LOVE Frozen so that is going to be great!

3- Favourite land in Magic Kingdom?
Another hard question! Like before, if I was asked a few years ago, I would have probably said Tomorrowland as I love Stitch, Toy Story and Space Mountain but now, I am really loving the whole Fantasyland area - I cannot wait to ride the new Snow White coaster as I absolutely LOVE Snow White! I also really like Frontierland as it includes Splash Mountain which is currently my favourite Magic Kingdom ride. 

4- Favourite Disney resort hotel?
I actually have never stayed on site at Disney! My family owns a condo out there so we always stay there. However, from research, I really like the look of The Art of Animation hotel - it just looks super cool!

5- Favourite snack?
I would have to say the Mickey Premium Ice Cream is my favourite - it reminds me so much of my childhood as I always get it every time I'm there - it is delicious!

6- Favourite table service and counter service?
My favourite counter service is definitely Pizza Planet as I love Toy Story and I think that whole restaurant is so well themed and the food is great! I'll have to be generic and say that Cinderella's Royal Table is my favourite table service - it is just great how it is actually inside the castle and is probably the most magical table service out of them all. 

7- Favourite ride?
I mentioned this before but my favourite ride by far is Expedition Everest. I love how picturesque the ride is and how it actually looks like Everest - the imagineers at Disney always do a fantastic job. I also like how the ride has a story and goes backwards! Expedition Everest is one of Disney's most thrilling rides and I love thrill rides so I think it is amazing. I also like the Yeti feature which adds a bit more thrill. 

8- Favourite show?
Fantasmic is definitely my favourite show as I just find it very magical. I also like how it has never changed in all of the years and really does remind me of my childhood - definitely a must do for any visitor to Hollywood Studios. 

9- Favourite parade or fireworks?
I'm not really a fan of fireworks but I think Wishes is always a treat. However, the parades are definitely my favourite - I know its changed since my last visit (2013) but I like the main parade in Magic Kingdom and I cannot wait to watch the Festival of Fantasy. 

10- Favourite pavilion in Epcot?
I am anti-Epcot and really don't enjoy the pavilions. However, Norway is probably my favourite as I really did enjoy Maelstrom. It is a shame it was closed but I cannot wait for the Frozen attraction. 

11- What colour is your magic band?
I've never had a magic band :( 

12- Favourite character to meet?
I love meeting Stitch, Pluto and Snow White as they are probably my ultimate Disney Characters. However, that may change as I am planning to meet Elsa when I am there who has become one of my favourite Disney characters also.

13- A character you haven't met but really want to?
I mentioned this in the last question - it is definitely Elsa. I actually love Elsa so much and she is one of my favourite characters. However, I am also looking forward to meeting Gaston. I would also like to meet some villains like Maleficent or the Evil Queen as I always stayed away from them when I was little.

14- Your best Disney memory?
This may sound stupid but when I was little, I had a strange connection with Snow White. I remember meeting her in Hollywood studios and spending a fair bit of time with her. The parade then occurred shortly after and it was the same Snow White in the parade - I was shouting her and she actually turned and waved and said my name - this was a dream come true for me and I loved it! Definitely the most magical memory! Hopefully I will make some more great Disney memories this summer!

The Disney Tag
Note - I class Pixar films as Disney films

1- What Disney scene do you wish you could experience?
This question is extremely hard as so many scenes come to mind. This scene may seem like a weird choice but I would love to be in the same room as Edna Mode from The Incredibles so when she is introducing the new suits to Elastigirl - I would love to be there. Edna is so sassy - I think it would be a privilege to be insulted by her.  This scene always has me in hysterics so imagine what I'd be like if I was actually there. However, outside of Pixar, I'd like to experience the opening of The Lion King as that scene sends chills up my spine every time. I'd also love to join Elsa when she is singing Let it Go.

2- The first time you went to Disney?
I covered this in the Disney World tag and I'm a little unsure - I know I went to Paris within months of me being born and I also had been to Disney (kind of) when in my Mum's tummy ;)

3- Your best memory from a Disney park?
De Ja Vu occurring here! 'This may sound stupid but when I was little, I had a strange connection with Snow White. I remember meeting her in Hollywood studios and spending a fair bit of time with her. The parade then occurred shortly after and it was the same Snow White in the parade - I was shouting her and she actually turned and waved and said my name - this was a dream come true for me and I loved it! Definitely the most magical memory! Hopefully I will make some more great Disney memories this summer!'

4- A song that reminds you of being at Disney?
Another hard question. Dancin' a Catchy Rhythm is probably the easiest answer as the lyrics to that song describe the Disney Parks and bring back memories when I hear them. However, I remember driving through Florida listening to 'Round and Round' by Selena Gomez - I think me and my Mum were on the way to one of the parks and it is always a memory I have when I hear that song. 

5- The Disney Character that you would want to be your best friend?
Ok, so I have many choices. Right now I would probably go with Elsa as she is sassy, empowered and loving - I think I'd get on with her really well. However, I think Stitch and Baymax would also be good fun. I would also like to be friends with Pluto who would always be loyal. Oh and Edna Mode would always be honest to you which is a great quality. 

6- What is the first Disney film that you remember watching?
I would probably say Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs as it was a big part of my childhood. However, I do remember watching the Toy Story films a lot. The first Disney film that I clearly remember going to the cinema to see was Brother Bear. 

7- Favourite Disney Princess?
If this question was favourite Disney royalty, the answer would definitely be Queen Elsa. However, my favourite princesses are probably Snow White, Ariel and Rapunzel - Snow White because she was a huge part of my childhood and I had a weird connection with her. Ariel because I really like The Little Mermaid and Rapunzel because I love Tangled! I do like Merida too. 

8- A scene in a Disney film that makes you cry?
Ok, to some people, these two scenes would have probably had no where near as big of an impact that they had on me. These are both very recent also as I don't really remember crying at many other Disney films. The scene in Frozen where the parents appear to die had my eyes watering and I also cried when Anna froze - this scene was very emotional. What I do remember is my friend, crying her eyes out to the ending of Brave. 

9- What is a Disney Film that will make you feel better no matter how rubbish your mood is?
This answer may come as a surprise as I haven't spoke that much about these two films. Tangled is a film I can watch over and over without getting bored - I just find it so up-lifting. I could also probably watch Brother Bear as I love the music in that film.

10- What is your favourite Disney film?
Ok, so if you are a keen reader of my blog, you will know The Incredibles is my ultimate favourite. However, I love Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Frozen, Lilo & Stitch and Tangled a lot too. I also found a new love for The Princess and the Frog recently. 

11- What is your favourite Disney Pixar film?
The Incredibles! However, I really like Toy Story 2 & 3, Wall-E, Brave and Inside Out!

12- Favourite Disney Song?
I absolutely love Let it Go (Frozen) , Part of Your World (The Little Mermaid) - basically the whole soundtrack, Welcome to Our Family (Brother Bear), Almost There (Princess and the Frog). My favourite film soundtrack is probably for The Little Mermaid. 

See Ya REEL Soon! (See who I referenced there?)

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