Frozen Fever (Short) (2015)

3:28 PM

Another Frozen Treat

From the same team behind Frozen and featuring an all new song from the writers of the original soundtrack, Frozen Fever takes place on Anna's Birthday but Elsa has a cold. However, Elsa's powers and wellbeing has a big impact on Anna's celebrations. In 7 minutes, can Frozen Fever have such a big impact like the feature film?

I loved Frozen Fever. It was perfectly matched with Cinderella and was one of the biggest factors for why I was so excited about seeing the film. The story was simple but fun. It showed that Disney princesses can get colds like anyone else and don't have the perfect life 24/7. I loved the addition of little snowmen appearing every time Elsa sneezed - they were adorable and could be big merchandise for the Frozen brand. All of the original cast returned for this and all of the main characters were featured which was nice to see. I have been listening to the song on repeat for the past few weeks and it was really nice to see it come to life visually. The song is catchy and has many different elements - it reminds me of a musical number! I also liked the dress changes of Elsa and Anna which shows that Disney princesses don't stay in the same clothes forever - could this lead to the characters at the Disney parks getting new outfits too?

Frozen Fever is a delightful treat and really keeps the excitement and interest of the brand high. I can't wait for Frozen 2 now and this made my cinema experience to see Cinderella even better! A perfect short!

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