UK Box Office March 20-22: HOME settles in at Number 1, INSURGENT improves over Divergent

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Home took the top spot this weekend with just under $9 million. Insurgent opened in second to over $4.3 million. The Gunman opened in 5th to just over $600k. 

The only other opener in the top 10 was Wild Card which debuted at number 10 to an abysmal $225K. 

The top 10 made $17.54 million this week. This is up 104.61% on last weekend - the box office is back to where it should be! More good news also comes from the box office being up 74.39% on the same time frame last year! This weekend is clearly known for being quite quiet but thanks to two new major releases appealing to different markets - sold business was done. 

Opening to number 1 this weekend was Dreamwork's HOME. The film took in $8.96 million which suggests that audiences clearly believe that their is no place like home! This debut is higher than Big Hero 6 which has gone on to earn over $30 million. This is also above 'Turbo' - however that fell a whopping 66% on its second week. With half term just around the corner, Dreamworks are finally enjoying some good numbers at the box office! Home could close with over $35 million!

Debuting at number 2 is YA sequel, 'Insurgent'. The film opened to $4.37 million which is up 32.96% on Divergent's opening weekend. Divergent went on to earn $11.1 million which suggests that Divergent could close with around $20 million. This increase is similar to how Harry Potter, The Hunger Games and Twilight performed with their sequels. When I saw Insurgent, the cinema was pretty empty - by the time of Allegiant: Part 2, I predict the cinema will be full!

3rd place went to last week's (and the two weeks before that) winner: The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. The film took in $997K which is down 52% on last weekend. This is much higher than the first films 15% drop on its second weekend - this suggests that this movie has been pretty front loaded and will continue to have steep drops from here. The film has current made $19.94 million - it should close with $25-27 million. 

Focus slipped down to 4th this week. The film dropped just 39% taking in $729K. That brings its new total to $9.7 million. This is the amount of money that 'After Earth' made by the end of its run - that movie opened in first place! Focus seems to have legs and should close with $10.5-12 million. 

In 5th place, The Gunman bombed with $603K. That is a terrible start for a film that has such a strong cast. However, the number really isn't that surprising considering the amount of time that this film spent at 0% on Rotten Tomatoes - it is currently at 13%. This suggests that word of mouth will be weak - this film just fall off quite fast. $3 million is the highest that this will get. Sean Penn is clearly no Liam Neeson.

Speaking of Neeson, his movie 'Run All Night' fell at steep 57% on its second weekend. The film took in $518K which brings its new total to $2.5 million. This will probably fall off quite fast from now - $3-4 million is a suitable closing point.

Dropping 46% to 7th place is Suite Francaise. The film took in $399K. Suite has now earned $1.92 million and a $4-5 million closing point seems reachable. 

Still in the top 10 is the critically acclaimed Still Alice. The film eased just 38% this week and took in $381K. That brings its new total to $2.52 million - that's more than Run All Night has made which opened a lot higher. $4-5 million also seems like a likely closing point for this surprisingly successful arthouse film!

Falling 51% this week is Fifty Shades of Grey. The film took in $350K this weekend which brings its new total to $51.12 million - it is currently the UK's top film of the year - I wonder if any film can beat it?

Finally, rounding out the top 10 is Jason Statham's Wild Card. The film bombed with $226K. That is a terrible start. The film made never reach $1 million. This clarifies that Jason Statham is not a ticket seller at the box office - films he co-stars in may be successful but ones that he leads are never (recently). This summer's 'Spy' and 'Furious 7' will probably do solid business but he is not a main character for either of those. Will Hollywood keep investing in his films?

Look out for CINDERELLA next week!
Seventh Son, The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water and Get Hard all also open

UK DVD Sales: The Hunger Games: Mockingjay: Part 1 opened at number 1 - the film outsold the top 20 combined. Horns debuted at number 5. 

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