The Best NEW Trailers This Week! (15-22 March)

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Film production companies have gave us superheroes, retro games and the Mockingjay this week. But how do this weeks new trailers rank amongst each other? In this post, I will list my 5 favourite new trailers from the past 7 days and give a little reason why (No.1 = Favourite) So Which one is the best?

1. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2 (Trailer #1) - This trailer sent shivers down my spine. I love how there are quotes from all the movies so far and that a brand new quote has been added at the end. I am excited for this already and can tell that it is going to be amazing! The Hunger Games has been my favourite series of films of all time as of yet - it will be sad but satisfying to see them conclude. This is my favourite trailer of the week as it is probably the most effective trailer that I've seen this year - people are getting excited for this film around 8 months in advance!

2. Paper Towns (Trailer #1)- Those of you who have been following this blog know that 'The Fault in Our Stars' was one of my favourite films of 2014. I was a little bit worried about this film as there had been no trailers and the release is only a few months away. However, I was pleasantly surprised by this trailer and think that it will be a really enjoyable film to watch. The story looks quite interesting to - sabotaging an ex-boyfriends room and then a runaway. The soundtrack also seems quite good. What I liked about TFIOS is that it was uplifting in a weird way - I think this will be too! 

3. Avengers: Age of Ultron (TV Spot #2) - This sounds weird but this is the first trailer for this film that has actually made me excited. I'm not to keen on Ultron as a villain as I kind of feel he is something that belongs in an animated film not in a superhero blockbuster. However, I really like Ultron in this trailer - as well as the rest of the cast. The music is also very thrilling which suits the amount of action that this trailer has. I am officially excited for Avengers 2!

4.  Mission: Impossible 5 - Rogue Nation (Teaser Trailer #1) - This trailer has reminded me why I loved Ghost Protocol so much. This looks action packed and fantastic! The music choice of 'ready or not' is a brilliant choice and helps to create a really action packed sequence. The trailer also seems to include some iconic moments a lot tike Ghost Protocol and the tower climb. I am very excited for this film and will be seeing it on opening weekend! The reason its not in the top 3 is that the full trailer is out tomorrow which will probably be in next weeks list. 

5.  Pixels (Trailers #1) - Will this finally be a live action Adam Sandler movie that the world likes? I think the premises looks really interesting and the success of this trailer really could suggest that Pixels could be one of this summers big surprises! The movie just looks really fun and refreshing! - it also seems to be one of the recent Adam Sandler films that has some originality! The visual effects also look really nice and not cheap. I am still slightly worried about this film as it is a Sandler movie but I have a lot more faith thanks to this trailer!

Honourable mention: Insidious - Chapter 3 - still haven't seen the second one but this trailer has really impressed me compared to the previous trailers!

What do you think of these films? Which ones will you see? What trailers did I miss that you loved? -

See You Soon!

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  1. I am defiantly most excited for Paper Towns! It is my favourite John Green book and I think I might do a review on it soon.

    Also I nominated you for a Versatile Blogger Award! x