The Wedding Ringer (2015)

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An Average Occasion

Feature length directorial debut from Jeremy Garelick, The Wedding Ringer is about a socially awkward guy who hires best men for his upcoming wedding from a company that helps grooms in need. The film stars Kevin Hart (Ride Along), Josh Gad (Frozen) & Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting. Will The Wedding Ringer be able to tie the knot between its interesting concept as well as being able to provide laughs?

I have to give credit to the writers of this film as I believe it has a lot of potential with such an interesting concept - I wonder if services like this actually exist in the real world? I feel that the story actually didn't make the most of the concept - especially with the ending which tried to take the film in a whole new direction. The Wedding Ringer is one of them films which has all the right ingredients, it just doesn't use them in the correct way. I also feel like the story tried to become too clever and 'emotional' - I would have liked the film a lot better if it was simply about a guy who was hiring groomsmen however it became a lot about the meaning of friendship which was like an odd jigsaw piece compared to the rest of the film. There was also a segment to do with football which was completely irrelevant to the story and went on for too long. 

The humour is this film was very minimal - I think I only laughed about once or twice. Many of the jokes are ones you've seen done in basically every comedy film so it isn't very original. There were numerous times where I may have smiled but there were very few moments where I actually laughed - this is quite disappointing considering the three leads are all known for being quite funny. 

The acting was ok in this film - nothing special but it also wasn't terrible either. I actually usually really dislike Kevin Hart as I find him very annoying as all he seems to do is scream (look to Ride Along for a prime example). However, he was quite tolerable in this film which was unexpected. Josh Gad and Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting were both very likeable in the film and put on the best performances. However, the latter's character becomes unendingly unlikeable towards the end of the film. 

The Wedding Ringer is going to be quite a forgettable film when I look back at 2015 but for now, it is quite fun and uplifting even though you won't fully laugh many times. The concept is very interesting but I really don't think the writers made the most of it. Hart is tolerable but Gad and Cuoco-Sweeting are far superior (superior meaning the better side of average in this case). The Wedding Ringer isn't awful but its not brilliant - it is an average occasion. 

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The Wedding Ringer
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