Ouija (2014)

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Simply a 'Bored' Game

Directed by Stiles White (The Sixth Sense), Ouija is about 'a group of friends who must confront their most terrifying fears when they awaken the dark powers of an ancient spirit board'. The film stars amateur teen actors: Ana Coto, Olivia Cooke (The Quiet Ones) & Shelley Hennig (Teen Wolf), Biana Santos (The DUFF), Daren Kagasoff (The Secret Life of the American Teenager) and Douglas Smith (Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters). Will I approve of this film: yes or no?

Both this and The Boy Next Door have really annoyed me for one main reason - they both have a solid premises but execute them awfully! Ouija felt like I was watching a spoof film not a proper horror film - I laughed a lot more times than I jumped or felt scared. I think this is down to poor direction from White who could have done a much better job with this film. The plot is also really slow and it becomes quite boring - the actual supernatural scenes are left until the very end. Even though it wasn't painful to watch Ouija, I would have appreciated it a lot more if I had been given something to feel scared about throughout the whole film. The characters are also the dumbest characters I have came across in a film for a very long time - it takes them the whole length of the film to realise that Debbie (Hennig) broke a rule and that's why she suffered. They also carry out very stereotypical 'horror movie actions' and are generally very naive. 

The acting in this film was the worst I've seen in a long time. There were glimpses of average acting but that was its peak. Cooke, Coto, Hennig and Santos were all clearly cast to try and get guys to watch the movie for 'eye-candy' whereas Kagasoff and Smith are 'eye-candy' for the girls - I don't think talent was even considering when this bunch were chosen for the roles. However, the best out of the group were Hennig and Santos (SPOILER ON THE WAY) which is a shame because they both get killed off pretty early. I'm pleased for Santos as she has gone on to land a role in 2015's The DUFF. 

Ouija is a horror film. The writers and director must be joking! Ouija is not scary in the slightest. It loves to overuse the jump scare - even simple things like a trolly appearing in a dark alleyway attempt to scare the viewer - how silly! Even the climax of the film is funny to watch - the 'creature' is laughable to look at and belongs more in one of the 'Scary Movie' films - not this! I was quite satisfied with the ending of Ouija as it had a decent plot twist but it still didn't scare me. This is a 'so bad its good' movie - it is fun and you have a good time whilst watching it as you laugh more than anything.

Ouija is the least scariest horror film I have seen. It doesn't deserve its 15 age rating and could easily pass with a 12. The acting is awful, the direction is poor and the plot is a missed opportunity. The movie is slow and does get boring at times. It is dumb but fun at the same time - Ouija is one I advise you don't see as it is a waste of time and money. Next time you're having a movie night and want to watch a comedy - choose this. 


What did you think of OUIJA? What is the best horror movie you've seen? What would film is scary enough for me to review next? - COMMENT BELOW

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  1. This was so rubbish, wasn't even scary and the plot was just stupid! Could of been so much better!

    Meme xx

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