The DUFF (2015)

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Every Duff Has Their Day

The DUFF is the feature length directorial debut from Ari Sandel and stars Mae Whitman (The Tinkerbell Series), Robbie Amell (The Flash), Bella Thorne (Shake it Up, Blended), Bianca A. Santos (Ouija) and Skyler Samuels (American Horror Story). 'A high school senior instigates a social pecking order revolution after finding out that she has been labeled the DUFF (Designated Ugly Fat Friend) to her prettier more popular friends'. The DUFF has been compared to Easy A, Mean Girls and Bridesmaids - will it live up to the heights of them movies?

I have to say - this is my favourite movie of the year so far. I adore the storyline - I think it borrows from other movies but manages to create something unique. This is one of them movies that is very small so not too many people will see - however, it is an instant teen classic! I absolutely LOVE movies like Easy A and Friends With Benefits - The DUFF has now joined them. I thought the story kept moving and was an equal balance of a comedy and a romance. It is a really impressive feature length debut from Sandel! Also, the actual concept of the film is really interesting and I like how its main message is about challenging stereotypes. Some of my favourite scenes include when Bianca's mother (Allison Janney) was taking Selfies of herself, when Bianca (Whitman) was in the clothes shop trying on some funny and unique outfits and when Bianca talks in her 'monster voice' to Wesley (Amell). The DUFF is a charming movie and I'm really pleased I got to see it. 

The film was successfully funny - all of the humorous parts were not in the trailer, some were left for the film. Even though there was maybe a 10 minute gap of no laughs towards the end, for the other 90 minutes, it is jam-packed of laugh out loud moments. I love the irony, sarcasm and how all the humour appeals to todays teen audiences (lots of references to social media). 

The performances were also fantastic. Mae Whitman is a nice little find. She held the film really well and was the reason for lots of laughable moments. I think she was the perfect fit for this role even if she isn't fat and ugly (thankfully they covered this in the film or else she would have been miscast). Bella Thorne was a great b•••h - even though she doesn't live up to the heights of Rachel McAdams in Mean Girls, she still puts on a 'wicked' performance. I also like how her character films her whole life so in the future she can audition for a reality show - very funny! Robbie Amell was also a very good leading male - I wasn't familiar with him until now but I think he was likeable and appealing (not just in looks) for both the girls and the guys. The rest of the cast were also good - I mentioned in my review of 'Ouija' that Santos was one of the best roles in that movie - she was also good here - the casting director must have thought the same as me. Skyler Samuels, Allison Janney and Ken Jeong was also very good - the latter two being very very funny!

What makes this film unique is that it is very current - like Mean Girls was in 2004, this film appeals to the 2015 generation. The mentions of Snapchat, Twitter, WhatsApp etc and the use of songs that you have herd on the radio in the past few years were the little things that I really liked - it didn't feel dated at all. Also, the film really makes it clear that stereotypes are not as 'strict' anymore - jocks play Call of Duty like the goths were stereotyped to do - it finally shows a true reflection of 'society' in schools. Also, Bianca's final speech is also very iconic and the film is packed full of nice messages - I am really inspired by this film and I think you will be to!

The DUFF is the new formula that upcoming teen movies will follow - it has the humour, it has the romance and it has what current audiences will like. It also has an extremely likeable cast and a really interesting concept. My Favourite Film of the Year. The DUFF - The Delightful, Utterly Fantastic Film.

The DUFF is the 2015 release to join the FIVE-STAR club!

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