The Best New Trailers This Week! (23-29 March)

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Film production companies have gave us spies, boxers and Bond this week. But how do this weeks new trailers rank amongst each other? In this post, I will list my 5 favourite new trailers from the past 7 days and give a little reason why (No.1 = Favourite) So Which one is the best?

1. Maggie (Trailer #1) - I had heard nothing about this film until this trailer. However, I feel like this is a really interesting concept. I still don't know much about the plot from this which I like (unusually). However, I am a little wary of Arnold Schwarzenegger as I don't believe that he is that great of an actor. Other than that minor fear, I have hope that Maggie will be a really good movie. 

2. Mission Impossible 5: Rogue Nation (Trailer #1) - Even though this trailer has very clear similarities to Ghost Protocol - I am really excited for Rogue Nation. I really like the use of the 'ready or not' song as I feel it helps to create excitement and a really dramatic atmosphere. The iconic scene from this movie is clearly going to be when Cruise has to hold on to the side of the plane as it takes off. I would be really impressed if this film is packed full of iconic scenes like when Cruise climbed up the Burj Kalifa. I will definitely be seeing this on opening weekend. The only reason I didn't give this #1 is that it may lack originality but hopefully the full movie will abolish those worries.

3. Spectre (Teaser Trailer) - Ok, so I'm not the biggest James Bond fan and I thought that Skyfall was a solid movie but I wouldn't by it on DVD or watch it again. Spectre looks very interesting and will definitely be a huge hit. I think its quite intriguing and I actually quite like how it follows straight on from Skyfall. The end scene is also very intriguing and made me quite excited. I will probably be seeing this on opening weekend as members of my family are huge Bond fans and are already planning to see it so many months in advance!

4. Southpaw (Trailer #1) - This film looks like it will get a lot of awards attention. Jake Gyllenhaal looks sure to put on another fantastic performance which is probably the main thing I'm liking about this film. I think the story looks quite moving and emotional. However, it does remind me of Foxcatcher which made me feel very tense and uneasy for days - hopefully, Southpaw will be like Foxcatcher in quality but still be an enjoyable watch. 

5.  Entourage (Trailer #2) - Even though this is the second trailer, I am not familiar with Entourage at all. I've never watched the TV show it is based on but I still think that this will be a really good movie! - it looks funny and really uplifting! If anyone reading this is a big Entourage fan, please let me know whether you believe I'll need to be familiar with the TV series before seeing this!

Disappointing trailers: Dope & Slow West

What do you think of these films? Which ones will you see? What trailers did I miss that you loved? -

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