The Best NEW Trailers This Week! (8-14 March)

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Film production companies have gave us monsters, inside voices and the Rock this week. But how do this weeks new trailers rank amongst each other? In this post, I will list my 5 favourite new trailers from the past 7 days and give a little reason why (No.1 = Favourite) So Which one is the best?

1. Hotel Transylvania 2 (Trailer #1) - I am SO pleased we have finally been given a glimpse into this movie. I can't wait for it and think it'll be even better than the first! It is Selena's major film release this year so it is one of the films I am really looking forward to. The trailer looks quite humorous but doesn't give too much away about the plot or storyline - an effective teaser trailer! My only worry is that the first film was only 2 years ago and the two main characters have already had a child? - I hope they cover this up or make this make sense in some way as the marketing campaign evolves. Overall, this trailer was my favourite of the week and I can't wait until October!

2. Inside Out (Trailer #3) - I am pleased we can finally see a story line coming into place. I was a little worried at first that the whole film would just be a conversation at a kitchen table but just from the view of the inside voices! I think that this looks very original and different for a Pixar movie but I like it how they don't just follow the standard formula! However, I do feel that this is slightly risky as it may make kids think they actually have voices in their heads. The story also could have quite a deep and dark meaning - could Riley (the main character) be suffering from a mental illness? Overall, I love Pixar and I am always satisfied with their movies so I have high confidence in this! I also like how 'dreams' have been turned into a film production company!

3.  Tomorrowland (Trailer #2) - The more adverts I see for this film, the more excited I am for it! I love Disney World and it has been a big part of my life growing up so to see an actual land from the parks get its own movie is really exciting for me! I actually think the story has taken a different turn to what I was expecting but I am still really looking forward to it. The effects look really cool when the female character picks up the coin and is transformed into 'Tomorrowland' - I also liked how there has been a little more development with George Clooney's character. However, I would like to see little more story development with the next trailer - nevertheless, I will be seeing this on opening weekend!

4. San Andreas (Trailer #2) - I was completely unaware about this film until I watched Beyond the Trailer's review of this trailer. However, even though I'm not expecting it to be really high quality, it does look like a really entertaining disaster movie! We haven't actually had one like this for a while (unless you count the awful 'Into the Storm'). I do think this trailer is very effective and will gain the film a lot of new fans (like it has done for me). Obviously I don't have Oscar high expectations for this film (its a Dwayne Johnson movie!) and its not going to be very original but I do think it will be a good piece of entertainment.

5. SelfLess (Trailer #1) - This is another film that I had seen posters for but just glanced over until I saw this trailer. It looks like one of them films that is going to be full of twists and be really clever. I have to be honest, at the start of the trailer I was tempted to stop watching but as soon as the storyline was revealed, I was glued to the screen. I am actually really intrigued about this and see similarities to Predestination. If the film is executed well, it could be a box office hit and be critically acclaimed! (I think this trailer was actually posted about 2 weeks ago but I only came across it this week and its still pretty recent)

Honourable mention: No Escape - Looks like a really good film and is definitely Oscar-bait!

What do you think of these films? Which ones will you see? What trailers did I miss that you loved? - COMMENT BELOW

See You Soon!

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