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This post is going to be a little different but stick with it because I will be reviewing something! (clue: it's not a film)
So I've been wanting to do a post for a while where you actually get to know me and not just my opinions. In this post, I'm going to introduce you to my dog!

My dog's name is Screebee (weird I know). Even though I have human friends, he is one of my favourite living beings on the planet! He is adorable, cute, loving and always happy. His favourite actives are to sleep, ride in cars, eat and play! There have actually been many circumstances where Screebee has actually started watching films and shows that are on my TV - 'Robin Hood', 'Sonny With a Chance' & 'The Babadook' are the first ones that come to mind. 

Screebee is a yorkshire terrier and he is 4 years old. When he was little, he had a skin condition that led to him going through a lot of treatment and he now has to be washed with special shampoo. His birthday is in September.

So, the lovely people at  got into contact with me and sent me a few treats for Screebee to try. 'Pet Shop' is literally an online pet shop - they sell everything your pet will need - if they don't have won't need it! Before this he was eating Waggs Premium Complete which was leading to him having itchy feet but we were told by friends who know a lot about dogs that this was the only natural dog food that was available in major supermarkets.

Pet Shop sent me Huntland Grain Free Scottish Loch Salmon, James Wellbeloved Turkey with Rice and Dentastix. My dog was satisfied with all of them! I will now to a brief review about each product!

1) Huntland Grain Free Scottish Loch Salmon: So this dog food is 100% natural and doesn't have any nasty additives. Sometimes when you get products like these, they can be quite bland and the dog won't enjoy it. However, Screebee never eats all of his food at once and saves some for later but with this - He ate it all immediately! He really enjoyed it for dinner and had it for breakfast the next morning and enjoyed it just as much. This is the best dog food that we've ever had and we are probably going to invest in some more! 5/5

2) James Wellbeloved Turkey with Rice: This was probably the food I was most cautious about letting my dog have as it is 'wet' dog food which he has never had before. However, once again he ate all of his food immediately and even played around with the bowl afterwards to make sure he got every last bit of it. I would also recommend this product but I probably won't invest in it for my dog as the dry food I mentioned above is too excellent! 4/5

3) Dentastix: We've used three of these already and my dog has throughly enjoyed them each time. He likes playing with the sticks as well as eating which fills two of the things he enjoys doing! I think that these will be very effective in improving the state of Screebee's teeth. This product also helps to get rid of smells coming from your dogs mouth. 4.5/5

Overall, I was really impressed with all of these products and will probably invest in 2 out of the 3 again. I would recommend all of them and really encourage you to go and have a look at their website!

This post is really different for my blog so I really hope you've enjoyed reading it! Let me know what you think below! What other treats do you think my dog would enjoy? 

See You Soon!

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  2. How lovely is Screebee! What a dinky little thing. And the idea of using him to review doggy products is genius, will he have his own blog next? Seriously though, do you think you'll do this again? It's pretty useful having a dog's-eye view on pet products and it could be a lot of fun for both you and Screebee.

    Kelley @ The Whole Hound

  3. Your dog looks absolutely gorgeous! As the owner of a fussy dog, I know how tough it can be to find a food that they like. We've tried the Wellbeloved before which he loved, but I agree the dry stuff is best! The Dentastix are great, really helped with my dog's nasty breath!

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