The Boy Next Door (2015)

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Dumb, Unoriginal & Hilarious

The Boy Next Door is directed by Rob Cohen (The Fast and the Furious) and stars Jennifer Lopez (Parker), Ryan Guzman (Step Up 4 & 5) and Kristin Chenoweth (Glee). The film is a physiological thriller and tells the story of a newly divorced woman who falls for her new next door neighbour. However, this new relationship takes a shocking and dangerous turn. Can this film live up to the heights (which aren't incredibly high) of THE CALL, GONE or THE HOUSE AT THE END OF THE STREET?

No it cannot. I was really hoping that I would be pleasantly surprised by this film and that I would be one of the only ones who actually liked it. However, I have to join the 89% of critics on Rotten Tomatoes who did not like this. The story could of been really clever if it was executed correctly. I think the dumbness comes mainly from the direction of the film - Cohen did a disastrous job here! Whilst overseeing things, surely he could tell that certain bits looked stupid and were laughable? There was one scene where an explicit photo has been posted all around the teachers class room, just before finishing disposing of them all, tense music starts as the headteacher puts a key in the door to see what she's doing - this made me laugh out loud! Most of this film, I couldn't take seriously! It is just really frustrating as the synopsis of this is quite promising but all the tension is built up badly. However, the third act is watchable and is probably the best part of the whole film. Another stupid moment was when Claire (Lopez) was trying to defeat her stalker (Guzman) so stabs him in the eye with her sons eppipen - how stupid! This is like something out of a spoof movie! Credit has to go to The Boy Next Door for inventing a new sub-genre - Thrill-Com (Sarcasm). The concept of The Boy Next Door is quite original but the way the actual films is executed is not. It just blends in with all the other terrible thriller films. 

The music choices in this film were also really strange. As I mentioned earlier, tense music starts to play at scenes that are just laughable. There is also some random pop songs that are included. However, I did really like the fact that Wizards of Waverly Place was mentioned ;)

Jennifer Lopez was actually ok in this film and probably the best part of it (which is saying something). However, the same can't be said for the rest of the cast. Guzman was absolutely awful in this movie and was definitely miscast - it was hard to take someone who's cast type is usually a love interest as an obsessed and aggressive love interest. John Corbett was also awful in this - his lines sounded so forced and unnatural that they were cringe-worthy. Kristin Chenoweth was also miscast and was not the right person to play the 'caring friend' role. Ian Nelson was probably the second best actor in this but that doesn't mean he was good. 

The Boy Next Door may as well call itself a comedy film because I laughed more at this than I did with The Wedding Ringer, A Million Ways to Die in the West, Tammy and so many other comedy films. Lopez should just forget about this film and move on with her career as it shouldn't affect her directly but don't expect to see Guzman in many major roles anytime soon. However, the third act does save the film slightly and pushes it into 'so bad its good' territories. The Boy Next Door is dumb, unoriginal and hilarious (for all the wrong reasons).


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The Boy Next Door
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