The Theory of Everything (2015)

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Partly Biographical, Partly Romance

The Theory of Everything is an Oscar winning film directed by the award winning* - James Marsh (*Man on Wire) and stars Oscar winner (for this role), Eddie Redmayne (Les Miserables) with Oscar nominee (for this role), Felicity Jones (The Amazing Spiderman 2). The film tells the story of the relationship between the famous physicist, Stephen Hawking and his wife, Jane Hawking. Does this film deserve all of the acclaim that it got?

So I finally got to see it! The Theory of Everything is like a popstar who becomes an actress - it is a biopic but also a romance. Some may worry that it can't do both and be successful at both but it truly is! The story is done brilliantly even though it is unclear for most of the time the direction of the film. Once Stephen Hawking's illness and wellbeing starts to deteriorate and reaches its current state, you start to wonder where the story can go from there? However, there is plenty of moments that the public wouldn't have been aware of unless they watched this. I can't really comment on the story as it is true and couldn't be told in a different way or else it wouldn't be sticking to its origins. The story is very inspirational but also surprising at how the couple make it through such hard times. I would have liked if there was a little more direction and a clear plot line but I was very satisfied with what I watched. 

The portrayal of the 'deterioration' of Stephen Hawking was very shocking and hard to watch. It is such a rare illness that it is hard to believe that Hawking was able to adapt and get on with his life. I think the film also had a really good meaning and passed on really well all of Hawking's beliefs and reflected his personality well. One thing that I was worried about when seeing the trailer for this was that it may be offensive to the Hawking family - however, I believe that this film is very respectful and has done them justice! There was also a good number of humorous moments that lifted the mood at some tense and upsetting times which was effective. 

The score was also done really well and was a perfect soundtrack for the film. The editing could have been a little cleaner - an example of it being a little sloppy is a scene cutting to the Hawking's having a new baby - there was no dialogue that mentioned or even hinted at this - it was a little random and confusing. The way the film was shot was also unique - at times it felt quite vintage and that it wasn't shot in present day - this was very effective as it gave the feel that it was actually set in the times of the events.

I've saved the best part of this film till last - the acting. Eddie Redmayne was absolutely fantastic! This is a prime example of when the actor loses them self in the role - he physically transforms into the character and manages to maintain this all the way through the film - it didn't feel staged and felt quite genuine which is excellent. Redmayne is a very promising actor (despite Jupiter Ascending) and I believe that he does deserve all of the critical acclaim that he has received. However, even though Felicity Jones was good and did nothing wrong - I found her character quite bland and boring. She didn't really say much which is probably down to the screenplay and not Jones. I think Jones got the acclaim she did because she is in the film and is good, not because she is magnificent. There was no bad performances from any of the supporting cast either. 

The Theory of Everything is a really inspirational story and I am very pleased to have watched it (originally, I was planning on skipping it). Redmayne is phenomenal and deserves his Oscar. Even though Jones doesn't really have a challenging role, she is still a very promising actress. The film could do with a bit more direction and cleaner editing but other than that, The Theory of Everything is just short of being amazing!


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The Theory of Everything
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  1. I'm so glad you gave the movie a 4/5 as i really wanted to see it and now this review has pushed me to want to see it even more!
    <3 <3 <3
    - Rebecca

    1. I'm glad my opinion was able to have that effect on you :)