Animation Trailer Battle - Hotel Transylvania 2, Peanuts, Zootopia & More!

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Due to the upcoming US release of 'Inside Out' this Friday - all the animation companies are starting to release new trailers that will play in front of what is expected to be one of Pixar's greatest movies - with over 60 reviews, the movie still has 100% on Rotten Tomatoes. So what movies are fighting it out? Zootopia. The Good Dinosaur, Hotel Transylvania 2, Peanuts & The Secret Life of Pets. I was originally only planning to cover Hotel T 2 today but due to this fierce competition with all of these releases, lets turn this into a brawl! Let the battle begin!

Zootopia -


  • It's Disney so there is a 99% chance that is is going to be good
  • Jason Bateman's voiceover is quite charming and seems like a perfect fit for this movie
  • Fun to see a weird matchup between a Fox and Bunny - the chemistry should be quite comedic
  • It's like an actual advertisement for the land 'Zootopia' which is quite unique and cool
  • A generally likeable and light-hearted trailer
  • Not much about the plot is revealed
  • We don't get to hear Ginnifer Goodwin voice the Bunny
  • The Goat at the end ruins what is a generally good trailer
  • Not a very original idea - Madagascar, The Wild, Open Season etc

The Good Dinosaur - 
  • It's Pixar so there is a 99% chance that it is going to be good
  • The story is quite funny and makes you think - 'what if dinosaurs were still around'
  • Will probably do well following Jurassic World's performance
  • The animation looks a little too cartoony for a Pixar movie - belongs on Disney Junior not the big screen
  • The T-Rex's look more cute than they do scary
  • Not much is revealed
  • High potential to be a major mis-step for Pixar after the acclaimed Inside Out

Hotel Transylvania 2
  • It's a Selena Gomez movie so I will go and see it no matter what
  • The first film was really fun and likeable
  • This one seems just as comedic and made me giggle a few times
  • The story seems quite original
  • Like the use of technology - will suit modern day audiences
  • Dracula's Dad has the potential to be an interesting character
  • Good use of music
  • The baby is very cute!
  • High risk factor of turning into a terrible Adam Sandler movie
  • The main characters from the first film seem to turn into sub-plot characters
  • The film seems to be less about Hotel Transylvania - it is just a backdrop this time
  • How do they have a baby when one is in their 20s and the other is in their 120s?
  • Animation quality isn't the best

The Peanuts Movie - 
  • Feels very retro - original compared to todays concentrated market
  • Use of music makes it feel very feel good
  • Has some charming moments - the naturally curly hair joke is hilarious 
  • Heart-Warming
  • Could easily be a TV movie
  • Voice cast is annoying
  • Animation isn't the best but sticks to its routes which is nice to see
  • Overcrowded cast? 
  • Story is quite broad
  • Will either appeal to kids under 4 or adults - not both
The Secret Life of Pets -
  • Probably the most original and interesting idea out of the bunch
  • Hilarious
  • Has a wide appeal - doesn't just focus on dogs or cats, fishes and birds are included which means that the majority of people will be able to relate
  • Good animation
  • From a studio that hasn't produced a film I don't like (even though Despicable Me 2 could have been better)
  • Went on a bit
  • The cat eating the chicken joke took up a lot of the trailer
  • Not much on the story 
  • Another talking animal movie

My Verdict - Ranked!
1. The Secret Life of Pets
2. Zootopia
3. Hotel Transylvania 2
4. The Peanuts Movie
5. The Good Dinosaur
What order would you rank them? - Comment Below!

See You Soon!

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