The Monthly Rewind: June 2015

12:27 PM

My 3 Favourite Films of the Month
These are films I watched in June, they may not be June releases

Jurassic World - 'Jurassic World is a truly satisfying entry into the franchise - it is the first sequel to the original to actually be good. But the thing is, this isn't just good, it is AMAZING! The dinosaurs are terrifying but visually stunning and the actors are excellent. Jurassic World's story is really well done and the end battle is one I am going to remember for a long time. Forget being the best film of 2015 (which is currently is), Jurassic World may just be one of my favourite movies of all time! Entertainment at its best. '
Inside Out - 'Inside Out is Pixar's biggest risk yet and it certainly pays off. The movie will be received in two ways - for young children it will be a big adventure but for parents and older viewers, it will be a look at depression and the effects. Inside Out is excellently animated, extremely moving, beautifully scored, humorous at times with a story that is original and works. Inside Out has already broke a record at the box office so it will be interesting to see whether Pixar will stay on the 'original' path for much longer - who wants to see Riley in her puberty years? Don't fear, Inside Out is a joyful experience - Inside Out is an extremely intelligent masterpiece.'
Spy - 'Spy might just be my favourite movie of the year so far. With hilarious jokes that are spread throughout and an impressive production value that takes itself seriously as an action and a comedy movie - Spy is Comedic, Intelligent & Awesome. Byrne and McCarthy are brilliant and are supported excellently by Statham, Law and Hart. The plot has some great twists and turns and the movie is incredibly fast paced - Spy is Superb, Perfect & Yes - you should go and see it!
Honourable Mentions: Insidious: Chapter 2, Insidious: Chapter 3

Other Favourites:
The Secret Life of Pets- "
  • original and interesting idea
  • Hilarious
  • Has a wide appeal - doesn't just focus on dogs or cats, fishes and birds are included which means that the majority of people will be able to relate
  • Good animation
  • From a studio that hasn't produced a film I don't like (even though Despicable Me 2 could have been better)"
Honourable Mention: Hotel Transylvania 2, Zootopia, Sicario, The Perfect Guy, Z for Zachariah 

There were no films that disappointed me this month but my lowest rated films were San Andreas, The Longest Ride & Entourage. 

Thanks again for tuning into this blog this month! I am still really enjoying doing it so I hope to carry this on for a very long time! July is going to be an exciting month (my birthday month!) with the releases of MAGIC MIKE XXL, THE GALLOWS, ANT-MAN & TED 2!

See You Soon!

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