Paper Towns (2015) - Q&A Session, London

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On June 19th 2015, a Q & A session was held at the Odeon in London's Leicester Square for the upcoming movie 'Paper Towns'. The tickets were free so I thought I'd hop on the train and go and join the session. The cinema was packed - full of fans of John Green's novels. We were only expecting the session to be with John Green but there were many more exciting surprises throughout the evening. The session was presented by Youtubers Dan Howell and Phil Lester.  A recording of the event will be live on June 20th on Youtube if you want to see the questions and answers that were covered.

So the surprises.....

The first one was that we were given a 20 minute sneak peak at the film so I'm going to review that now. Firstly, the only negative thing I have to say about it is that the editing didn't really blend that well and I worry that this excellent sequence may be the best part of the whole film. The sequence we were shown is when Margo is getting revenge on all the people that have betrayed her. This part had some very funny moments and was really enjoyable to watch. What I liked about 'The Fault in Our Stars' was that it was (until towards the end) really likeable - I believe that Paper Towns has a similar feel to it. I was also really impressed with Cara Delvingne and Nat Wolff - they were both great and proved that despite not having much experience leading a film, they can do it well! Delvingne was an extremely pleasant surprise as I was unsure about how she would perform. The sequence also included hints of romance which was nice to see. I also really like how in 20 minutes, the message of stretching out of your comfort zone was made - if in 20 minutes, a good message was made, think about how many messages may be made in the feature length film. The soundtrack was also very good. I also really liked the 'Paper Towns' quote that is used in the trailer - it works really well here too! 

So, from 20 minutes, my excitement for the film has extremely increased - I think we could have another 'Fault in Our Stars' style hit - maybe it may be one of the best of the year?

So the other surprises were that throughout the Q&A, Green was accompanied by more stars. First, he introduced Nat Wolff onto the stage and everyone went wild. Wolff answered a few questions including what it was like to play his role. Then, there was a VT of Cara Delvingne asking the boys a question. However, once they answered, she walked on stage and the crowd went wild again! It was nice to see all 3 show up and support/be proud of their film! Delvingne was hilarious and seemed very 'real' - she was very likeable. 

Guests of the Q & A also received a free copy of 'The Fault in Our Stars' and a bottle of water. 

To top off the great evening, I managed to take great pictures of Nat Wolff leaving the cinema - he actually turned to the direction where less fans were (you'll see in the pictures below) and said goodbye! 

I will embed the Q&A session here once it is live. 

Paper Towns will be released August 18th 2015 in the UK and on July 24th in America. 

See You Soon!

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