CONFIRMED - Maleficent Sequel is Moving Forward, Jolie Expected to Return

9:59 AM

It has been reported by both 'The Wrap' and 'CinemaBlend' that Disney are moving forward with the sequel to Maleficent which went on to become one of the biggest hits of last year, grossing nearly $760 million worldwide.

All of this news came about when it was revealed that Linda Woolverton will return to write the script for the film. I loved Maleficent (my favourite film of 2014) and believe she did a fantastic job so I am excited to hear that she will be returning.

Even though it hasn't been confirmed, it is expected that Angelina Jolie will also return and reprise her role as the iconic villain. Joe Roth will also return as producer.

However, rumour has it that Robert Stromberg will not return to the picture - this isn't surprising as he didn't have much experience in the directing scene and many critics were divided so maybe a more experienced director will do a better job? Maybe Tim Burton will pick up Maleficent 2 after he originally dropped out of the original?

Maleficent 2 is only in the development stages so a release date is yet to be decided on. Expect more details to be revealed at D23 in August.

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