Inside Out (2015)

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Meet the Little Voices Inside Your Head
Inside Out is directed and written by Pete Docter (Up, Monsters Inc) & Ronaldo Del Carmen. The voice cast includes Amy Poehler (Parks and Recreation, Mean Girls), Phyllis Smith (The Office, Bad Teacher), Bill Hader (Superbad, Her), Lewis Black, Mindy Kaling (The Office, Wreck-it Ralph), Kaitlyn Dias and Richard Kind (Spin City, A Bug's Life). 'After young Riley is uprooted from her Midwest life and moved to San Francisco, her emotions - Joy, Fear, Anger, Disgust and Sadness - conflict on how best to navigate a new city, house and school.' Inside Out is meant to be Pixar's return to greatness? Will the studio feel joy, anger or disgust after this review?
The studio will certainly feel JOY as this film is Pixar's best in years! The movie is incredibly original and is definitely my favourite 'original' movie of the year so far! I got to see this film early as its not scheduled for release in the UK until the end of July due to OdeonScreenUnseen which previews critically acclaimed films early once a month - the last one I saw was 'It Follows' which was not enjoyable. However, they have saved themselves with Inside Out which was truly amazing. The whole idea for Inside Out was so mind-blowing and original - it was fantastic. As I study psychology at A-Level, it was fun to see the whole idea 'dumbed' down into a kids movie that is easy for them to understand - excellent! 

The movie is also extremely touching - it sent shivers down my spine at times and made me feel like I was about to cry. Pixar have famously touched audiences with 'Up' so there is no surprise that one of the directors of that film has managed to touch the audiences of Inside Out too. 

The story for the film didn't let the rest of it down. Pixar showed that they are not afraid to explore areas that other animation studios fear to explore. Depression is a key element to the film and it is done brilliantly. What I like in a film is when they give out good and true message/info that the genre they're in wouldn't usually do - a reason why I really like the Insidious franchise (even though Inside Out is far superior to Insidious). The film also discretely explores elements like suicide which is deep but thankfully, young viewers won't understand but it is an underlying message for parents/older viewers. However, the film also had a kind of 'adventure' plot too - I loved exploring the different parts of the brain like 'Dream Productions' and 'Imagination Land' - it was pure genius! I also liked the idea that we all have our core memories that craft our personalities. 

The animation is excellent which isn't surprising as I don't think any Pixar film to date has been badly animated. The movie was colourful and bright which made it feel very energetic which could resemble the mind. I really liked the animation of the 'emotion' characters - they were all a little bit fuzzy on the outside which made them not like human beings and made them surreal which is what they needed to be. They were all very cute too which is always a good thing for an animated film! My favourite characters had to be Joy, Sadness and Disgust - they were all so different but brought so many funny qualities to the film. 

I'm going to quickly touch on the soundtrack which was also brilliant. It was scored by Michael Giacchino and the moments where the movie became sad were when the music worked best - it was very fitting to what was on-screen. 

Finally, the movie was also extremely hilarious! The best jokes came from Sadness and Disgust in my opinion as Sadness was always so negative which made it funny and Disgust was incredibly sassy. However, I also found the Mum's Anger hilarious - just the appearance made me giggle. The jokes were all on point and worked well for the adults as much as the kids. Not only were the 'emotions' funny but Riley herself had some funny moments - especially when she was a young kid. 

Inside Out is Pixar's biggest risk yet and it certainly pays off. The movie will be received in two ways - for young children it will be a big adventure but for parents and older viewers, it will be a look at depression and the effects. Inside Out is excellently animated, extremely moving, beautifully scored, humorous at times with a story that is original and works. Inside Out has already broke a record at the box office so it will be interesting to see whether Pixar will stay on the 'original' path for much longer - who wants to see Riley in her puberty years? Don't fear, Inside Out is a joyful experience - Inside Out is an extremely intelligent masterpiece. 


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