Top 10 Films of 2015 - So Far!

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So we are about half way through 2015 so it makes sense to give you all an insight to what films have been my favourites of the year so far. I actually believe that I haven't seen too many terrible movies so far this year which makes my bottom ten list a little more competitive than my top ten! This post will focus on my 10 favourites from the year so far - please note that these are films that were released in 2015 in the UK so may have been released earlier in the US.

10. American Sniper - probably my favourite big Oscar contender this time around. I thought the film was extremely moving but was also filled with elements of action. This was nice to see as 'Oscar films' can sometimes be a little dull: "Clint Eastwood at his directorial best, Bradley Cooper's best performance in a long time and a very admirable story. American Sniper has it all. Watch out Boyhood, this is one you have to see!"

9. Pitch Perfect 2 - A satisfying sequel that lacks what the first one had but has what the first one didn't. The soundtrack was brilliant and has launched 'Flashlight' into almost the high heights of 'Cups'. "Pitch Perfect 2 is as good as its predecessor - it doesn't bring much new to the table but it strengthens what was already there. Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson and the entire cast are extremely likeable and all have moments in the film that make you laugh. Elizabeth Banks has shown her credibility as a director and will likely stick around. Pitch Perfect 2 is successfully a musical with a fabulous soundtrack but is also a fantastic comedy with some of the best comedic moments in film in recent years. I would really recommend that you go and see this - get Pitch Slapped! - it doesn't hurt, it's actually quite enjoyable"

8. Big Hero 6 - Another suitable entry into Disney's classics! Big Hero 6 brings something new to the table and really tugs at the heart-strings! "So to answer the question in the introduction, Big Hero 6 is truly amazing. It is exciting, emotional, fast-paced, hilarious and thrilling. The plot is original and the film proves that Disney and Marvel is a super team. Even though there is a little confusion towards the end, this definitely would have made my best of 2014 list if I had seen it last year. Big Hero 6 is a 'sick'* animated feature film "

7. Into the Woods - A movie that lived up to my expectations - was the reigning champion of the list from January to March! "The costuming is great, the score is beautiful, the plot is intelligent and the acting is top quality: Into the Woods would be a spectacular film if it wasn't for the final act...however, don't let that stop you from entering the wood as the majority of this film is award-worthy. Just short of being ASTONISHING."

6. Mad Max: Fury Road - In terms of quality, this film is one of the best I have ever seen! However, it is not further up the list as I feel it may lack the rewatchability factor - I wasn't eager to see it at the cinema for a second time - I will wait for the DVD and judge after a second viewing (Mad Max may shoot up this list after the DVD release). "Mad Max: Fury Road is a masterpiece. The cinematography is excellent and the film is beautiful. However, Miller hasn't just made that cake and sat in it, they go places with it - the action sequences are mesmerising, the acting is superb and the film takes the action genre into a new direction. The soundtrack is also brilliant and goes brilliantly with the film. Mad Max: Fury Road has earnt its place in the movies hall of fame - in terms of quality, it is one of the best films of all time - however, does it lack repeatability? What a Lovely journey."

5. The DUFF - My favourite teen movie of the year! Was the reigning champion of the list until Furious 7 hit cinemas! Extremely likeable! "The DUFF is the new formula that upcoming teen movies will follow - it has the humour, it has the romance and it has what current audiences will like. It also has an extremely likeable cast and a really interesting concept. The DUFF - The Delightful, Utterly Fantastic Film."

4. Furious 7 - So respectful to Paul Walker but equally a fantastic and enjoyable film! "Furious 7 is an excellent film and sets standards very high for Fast 8. The cast are as likeable as ever and the stunts are bigger and better than ever before. The soundtrack is really fitting and the film digs into territories that the franchise hasn't ever visited before (Character development, emotional moments) thanks to Wan's new direction choices. Full of cheesy dialogue and over the top action, Furious 7 defines why the world likes this franchise so much - it is spectacular!"

3. Spy - Another ex-Number 1 of the list! Spy was the top agent until Jurassic World hit cinemas! "Spy might just be my favourite movie of the year so far. With hilarious jokes that are spread throughout and an impressive production value that takes itself seriously as an action and a comedy movie - Spy is Comedic, Intelligent & Awesome. Byrne and McCarthy are brilliant and are supported excellently by Statham, Law and Hart. The plot has some great twists and turns and the movie is incredibly fast paced - Spy is Superb, Perfect & Yes - you should go and see it!"

2. Inside Out - This movie could easily move up to first place after I have seen it for a second time when it hits the UK in July - I am so thankful that this month's OdeonScreenUnseen was this movie! - what a treat! "Inside Out is Pixar's biggest risk yet and it certainly pays off. The movie will be received in two ways - for young children it will be a big adventure but for parents and older viewers, it will be a look at depression and the effects. Inside Out is excellently animated, extremely moving, beautifully scored, humorous at times with a story that is original and works. Inside Out has already broke a record at the box office so it will be interesting to see whether Pixar will stay on the 'original' path for much longer - who wants to see Riley in her puberty years? Don't fear, Inside Out is a joyful experience - Inside Out is an extremely intelligent masterpiece".

1. Jurassic World - not only have the dino's taken over the World but they have taken over my chart too! Lets see if they retain the top spot throughout the rest of the year! "Jurassic World is a truly satisfying entry into the franchise - it is the first sequel to the original to actually be good. But the thing is, this isn't just good, it is AMAZING! The dinosaurs are terrifying but visually stunning and the actors are excellent. Jurassic World's story is really well done and the end battle is one I am going to remember for a long time. Forget being the best film of 2015 (which is currently is), Jurassic World may just be one of my favourite movies of all time! Entertainment at its best".

With what should be tough competition from Mockingjay-Part 2, Star Wars and all the Oscar contenders, how will this list change by the end of December? 

Share your current top ten in the comments section below!

See You Soon!

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