Weekly Movie News - Hemsworth in Ghostbusters, Pitch Perfect 3 & Frozen Ever After

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This week, there has been lots of movie news to get us all excited! The following stories are ones that you need to know about!

  • Independence Day 2 Details - Plot details have been revealed for the upcoming June 2016 sequel. According to 'CinemaBlend', the plot outline for the film is the following: '20 years after the events of the first film, a new wave of alien "reinforcements" arrive at our planet in response to a distress signal sent up by the "first wave" of extraterrestrial visitors. As expected, insanity ensues.' We have also found out that the film will star Jeff Goldblum, Liam Hemsworth & Jessie Usher. 

  • Frozen Ever After Plans - Concept art and the name have been revealed for the Frozen themed attraction at Disney's Epcot. The water ride will be called 'Frozen Ever After' - very similar to the name of the Tangled short - sorry Tangled! I would have actually thought that Disney may have been a little more original - I wouldn't be surprised if this name changes in the future. However, the name wasn't the only thing revealed - we also got a glimpse at some concept art! (shown in picture below). All of this was revealed in an article by 'The Wall Street Journal'  - "Disney Imagineers who designed the ride recently got a virtual-reality tour at a warehouse in Glendale, Calif., wearing 3-D glasses while watching high-definition images of Olaf and Sven horsing around, Grandpappy Troll telling a magical story and Elsa belting out her song “Let It Go.” They will become animatronic characters that Epcot visitors float by on a log after “Frozen Ever After” opens next year". This interview raises hopes of the ride and maybe the animatronics will be as of a high standard as the ones in the new Snow White roller coaster. The picture given in the concept art looks like when the ride goes backwards - maybe Elsa's powers have the strength to send you away?

  • Ghostbusters 2016 meets Thor - Chris Hemsworth has been announced to play 'The Receptionist' in the all female version of Ghostbusters. The movie will be directed by Paul Feig (Spy, Bridesmaids) so it is sure to be a comedic hit! However, not only have the roles been reversed for the main gang but the receptionist will now be played by a male and not just any male, Thor! Hemsworth will be playing a comedic role in the upcoming 'Vacation' so if he is good in that, he may have a chance of stealing the show in this film!

  • Pitch Perfect 3 Moving Forward - Universal has green light the 3rd film in the hit series - after number 2 surpassed the original's total in its opening weekend, its a no brainer! The only details we have so far is that Kay Cannon is writing the script. However, earlier on in the year, it was reported that Rebel Wilson had already signed on for a third movie and that Hailee Steinfield had a more-than-one deal in her contract. However, it is not confirmed if Anna Kendrick or Elizabeth Banks will return to the film. Banks has signed on to direct the YA 'Red Queen' adaption which could give her even more opportunities as she will show diversity as a director (comedy and fantasy). 

  • Strategic Ant-Man Marketing - This week, 3 new posters were released for Marvel's upcoming 'wild card' movie - 'Ant Man'. Last year, Marvel took the risk with Guardians of the Galaxy and it certainly paid off. However, the buzz for Ant-Man has never really taken off. Marvel took the last resort to get people into the cinema and released posters that featured...The Avengers - Iron Man, Captain America and Thor are all nodded to in the new posters. None of these characters will feature in the movie (unless there may be cameos) so this is definitely a desperate move for Marvel. Ant-Man will join The Avengers in future movies but I believe the studio could have been a little more intelligent with their marketing. The only thing I like about these posters is that they are quite creative and I like how they put Ant-Man's size into perspective.  

Those are the five stories that made us the most excited over the past 7 days and now it is time for rumour of the week! 
  • The Purge 3 with Gomez - earlier this year, it surfaced on the films trivia page on IMDB that Selena Gomez is being considered to play the main role. The film will be a prequel (similarly to Insidious 3) and take us back to the first purge. Gomez has made it clear in interviews that she would love to star in a horror film - could The Purge 3 be the one for her? 

Source for the news: Beyond the Trailer/Grace Randolph

What do you think about each of these stories? Do you have any movie related questions you would like answered? - COMMENT BELOW

See You Soon!

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