UK Box Office June 26-28: Gru Who? MINIONS Take Over!

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A new film claimed the box office crown this weekend - Minions took in just over $18 million. No other films opened within the top 5. Other openers from places 6-10 this week include Knock Knock which opened in 7th place and Slow West which opened in 10th.

Here is the top 10:
1. Minions - $18.17 million - Week 1 - NEW - Total: $18.17 million
2. Jurassic World - $9.08 million - Week 3 - Down 48% - Total: $76.87 million
3. Spy - $990,883 - Week 4 - Down 32% - Total: $13.54 million
4. Mr Holmes - $623,992 - Week 2 - Down 37% - Total: $2.67 million
5. Secret Cinema: Empire Strikes Back - $433,631 - Week 4 - Down 3% - Total: $2.22 million
6. Entourage - $427,025 - Week 2 - Down 57% - Total: $1.97 million
7. Knock Knock - $394,397 - Week 1 - NEW - Total: $394,397
8. The Longest Ride - $323,020 - Week 2 - Down 51% - Total: $1.56 million
9. San Andreas - $309,253 - Week 5 - Down 56% - Total: $17.56 million
10. Slow West - $221,371 - Week 1 - NEW - Total: $221,371

The top 10 made $30.97 million this week. This is up 22.6% on last weekend and is also up 73.65% on the same time frame last year which saw the opening of the Mrs Brown's Boys Movie. 2015 has put the box office back on track but may be hard for 2016 to top!

Following in the footsteps of the other Despicable Me movies - Minions opened in first place. The animated comedy took in $18.17 million which is way about the first movie but is around $4 million less than number 2. This opening is also on par with Furious 7 which went on to earn around $60 million in the UK. Despicable Me 2 made $72 million in the UK - I expect that Minions will finish with around $62-67 million. The Minions can clearly continue to perform strongly without Gru - what a powerhouse they are! The question is, will Minions join the billion dollar club globally?

Dropping 48% this week which is once again remarkable for a summer blockbuster is Jurassic World.  The film took in another $9.08 million this weekend. This brings the films new total to $76.87 million in the UK - it will go on to be the biggest movie in the UK of the year so far - beating Age of Ultron. Jurassic World still has a chance to close with $92 million+ and may hit $100 million domestically (UK).

Another strong hold for Spy kept it in the top 3. The movie dropped just 32% this weekend as it took in $991K. This brings the movie's new total to $13.54 million. It is unlikely that Spy will perform as strongly as Bridesmaids but it is still the second highest grossing Melissa McCarthy led movie of the stars career in the UK. Spy will probably end up with around $15-17 million.

4th place saw another strong hold this weekend. That came from Mr Holmes - the critically acclaimed flick took in $624K which brings its new total to $2.67 million. The movie only dropped 37% this weekend which makes it one of the strongest holds on the board. Mr Holmes appeals to the elderly market and no other film like that is being released for a while which suggests that this film may still have a chance to hit $5 million.

Due to week openers and steep drops, Empire Strikes Back managed to climb into the top 5 this weekend. The Secret Cinema movie dropped just 3% in its 4th weekend. The movie took in $434K which brings its new total to $2.22 million. The movie will probably continue to see strong holds in the coming weeks which could lead to it making around $3-4 million.

6. Entourage - A steep drop for a film which has a very American appeal - surely its not going to appeal to the UK for much longer? Prediction: $3.7-4.7 million.

7. Knock Knock - Not many people opened the door to the Eli Roth horror. Prediction: $1-1.6 million.

8. The Longest Ride - Sparks aren't flying for Nicholas Sparks anymore - his 10th adaption sees an unneeded steep drop. Prediction: $2-3 million.

9. San Andreas - the emergency services must be recovering the world quickly as San Andreas was hit with a steep drop in its 5th weekend. Prediction: $ million.

10.  Slow West - limited releases don't always mean that you can't crack the top 10! Prediction $0.7-1.3 million.

Source: Rentrak

Look out for MAGIC MIKE XXL Next Weekend!

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