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Entourage is a movie instalment in the popular tv series of the same name. It is directed and written by Doug Ellin (Kissing a Fool, Life with Bonnie) and stars Kevin Connolly (The Notebook, Reach Me), Adrian Grenier (The Devil Wears Prada, Drive Me Crazy), Kevin Dillon (Platoon, The Doors), Jerry Ferrara (Lone Survivor, Think Like a Man) and Jeremy Piven (Old School, The Family Man). 'Movie star Vincent Chase, together with his boys Eric, Turtle, and Johnny, are back - and back in business with super agent-turned-studio head Ari Gold on a risky project that will serve as Vince's directorial debut'. Will Entourage be an endless cameo reel or will it be a solid piece of entertainment?
Note - I have never seen the TV series so I can only comment on the film and how the characters were portrayed in the film.

Entourage is a little bit of both of these things. However, I actually feel that I don't have much to say on this film which I feel is a bad thing. This is because when you watch a TV show, you don't really have much to critique or talk about as they usually don't have much depth and I guess Entourage hasn't really successfully crossed the barrier between TV and the silver screen - it is literally a 100 minute film about a group of men needing an extra $15 million for their film - this kind of turns into a subplot as the movie creates a lot of little story lines. Whoever green lit this crossover to the silver screen made a bad decision and maybe should have hired a different writer who has more experience in writing feature length films? 

Like I mentioned before, the story for the film isn't strong enough to hold a feature length picture - unlike the movie in the film, Entourage will not be winning any Golden Globes this year! Another criticism I have about this film as it wasn't that funny at all - there were no moments where I laughed out loud - this movie got a smile from me at times but thats it - most jokes failed! Comedy films usually build up to a final hilarious sequence but this one didn't have that either - it just wasn't a comedy at all - If you're looking for something funny, go and see SPY - not this! My final criticism is that the cameos were endless and became tiresome - it was cool how they tied them in with the movie industry and that they weren't completely random (besides from Pharrell) but I think the cameos were just too much after a while - this may as well have been the third instalment in the Valentine's Day/New Year's Eve series!

Now onto the things that I did like about this film! Despite not being very funny, the movie was extremely likeable and I enjoyed watching it. I am really interested in the business behind movies so I was looking forward to seeing this plot done but I just wish that it was explored a little bit more in detail. The film was also pretty fast-paced - I certainly didn't feel like I was watching it for 100 minute - due to this, I believe that this is a suitable length for the film as it didn't become boring at all. 

Like I said before, I don't really know how these actors are usually but I thought that they weren't bad here. All 5 members of the Entourage had their different personality traits that made each one unique and likeable in different ways. The character that did provide the most jokes was Drama - he was very good but very over the top which I suppose is good as his name is 'Drama'. Rex Lee as Lloyd was also quite funny but the jokes he made were quite dated and unoriginal but still somewhat effective. Now, even though the cameos became tiresome, I did like a few of them. I really liked Jessica Alba's scene - I thought she was very good and actually added a little bit of drama to the film - even if it was only for 30 seconds or so. Gary Busey was also fun to see as he is such an eccentric character. I also really liked Ronda Rousey in the film and thought she basically had as big of a role as Sloan. Rousey had a minor role in Furious 7 and a bigger one in this - is she trying to move into the film industry? (even though she has only played herself as of yet). Mark Wahlberg's Ted 3 joke may literally be a joke due to the US box office results this past weekend!

Entourage is a likeable and watchable film. The cameo reel is endless and the jokes often fall flat but that doesn't stop the cast from being very charming and likeable. 100 minutes feels like 70 but the plot is a little too thin and does make the film feel like an extended TV episode. Maybe Entourage should have stuck to the small screen?

3.25 STARS

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