The Incredibles (2004)

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Note - 2015 isn't the first time I have seen this film - this post has a reason to it which I will explain in the review 

Directed and written by Brad Bird (Tomorrowland, Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol), The Incredibles is probably my favourite film of all time. The film stars Craig T. Nelson (Coach, Poltergeist [1982), Holly Hunter (The Piano, Raising Arizona), Samuel L. Jackson (Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Django Unchained), Sarah Vowell (Hit So Hard), Jason Lee (My Name is Earl, Almost Famous) and Spencer Fox (Kim Possible). 'A family of undercover superheroes, while trying to live the quiet suburban life, are forced into action to save the world'. So why is The Incredibles my favourite movie of all time?
In general, I just really like how the film reinforces the meaning of family and how important they are. I love the chemistry between all of the characters and feel that they have an extremely strong bond. Even without Mr Incredible, Elastigirl is able to continue to be a good mother for her 2 children present which I just find brilliant. The Incredibles doesn't display a perfect family - they may be superheroes but Bob has just lost his job, Violet is extremely shy, Dash gets into trouble at school and Elastigirl has to deal with the backlash of stress that this all leads to - this is probably a very realistic portrayal of a family. Families should always stick together. 

I also like how this was one of the first animated films to step into the superhero genre - since, any film that has tried is no where near as good! Bird clever writing criticises how silly capes are and how repetitive monologues can be - haven't you noticed that since 2004, capes and monologues in superhero films are a rarity? The film may be animated but it has all the good qualities of a Marvel film - it is just perfection! The villain is also very good - Syndrome is a fanboy but turns evil and basically sets up a death trap for all of the words superheroes - he is an iconic villain and is a lot better (in my opinion) than some of the villains of todays movies. 

The story of The Incredibles is also very fast-paced and enjoyable. I have watched this movie a lot of times and I never get bored! It definitely has the rewatchability factor which is vital. The story also has many comedic elements which have to be down to Brad Bird's writing. One of my favourite characters in the film is Edna Mode - she is actually voiced by Bird but is hilarious - she gets me laughing every time! I also like how the movie has its own version of a 'post credit' sequence - even though the sequel may not follow on directly, it was still fun in 2004 and led to a lot of conspiracies and kind of let your imagination run wild on how the family would defeat the creatures. 

I mentioned a little about Bird voicing Edna Mode but there is an entire cast who also put on great performances. Nelson is brilliant and powerful as Mr Incredible, Hunter shows diversity and flexibility as Elastigirl, Jackson is as cool as ice as Frozone, Vowell makes her self known as Violet and Fox keeps up with the rest of the cast as Dash. Lets not forget about Lee who voices Syndrome brilliantly!

The Incredibles is also beautifully animated and definitely deserves the Oscar and the acclaim that it got - Pixar have never put a major step wrong (even though many didn't enjoy Cars 2). Pixar will always have an extremely special place in my heart as it was one of my Dad's favourite studios - he would always take me and my sister to see a Pixar movie, no matter what! Sadly, my Dad suddenly passed away on June 15th 2007 and my only way of truly feeling 'with' him is watching movies like this that I remember him enjoying. Every time I watch The Incredibles, it brings back memories of us as a family meeting the characters at Disney World, wearing the T-shirts, buying the merchandise and so many other things. Toy Story was another of my Dad's favourites and I really like that series to - I know that when The Incredibles 2 opens in the future, it will be a very special time for me and my family, as it was something my Dad would have truly enjoyed. Similarly, Jurassic World had a recent effect as my Dad loved the previous movies which could explain why I enjoyed it so much - I felt like I was with him and brought back memories. Today is the anniversary of his death so it is why I chose to write the review even though I haven't watched the film in the past few weeks. The scenes where Elastigirl is on her own reminds me of how strong my Mum has been over the past 8 years and shows that families can fight through things together. 

The Incredibles is truly Incredible.


In Loving Memory of My Dad - July 1965-June 2007

See You Soon!

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